June 23, 2020

8 Tips For More Effective Communication With Your Husband

Effective Communication With Your Husband

Being a good communicator is one of the most important life skills one can learn. This skill is definitely a benefit to marriage. Effective communication with your husband is one of the most important aspects of a healthy marriage. Open lines of communication reduces conflict between spouses and helps create a strong bond

Why Communication Is So Important

A breakdown in communication, if not quickly resolved, can cause a relationship to deteriorate. Poor communication can cause couples to interact less and not work hard to get through arguments and disagreements.

Make communication a priority with your husband. Take the time to understand him and not just to be understood. Don’t try to dominate the conversation. Never minimize what he is expressing. Effective communication helps to build and maintain marriages. Good, regular communication builds trust and strengthens the bond between a husband and wife.

In a relationship, two people need to be able to clearly and concisely communicate. They need to relay and interpret information such as emotions, desires, aspirations, and beliefs. So make it a point to always try to understand each other’s feelings or point of view. Effective and regular communication involves respecting each others opinion, listening to each other’s ideas and opinions, and freely expressing feelings and beliefs.

How to improve communication in your marriage – 8 Tips

Find times to talk calmly to each other. Don’t wait until tempers flair and you are upset to try to talk.

Be mindful of your tone and body language.

Eliminate distractions while talking. Stop everything that you are doing to show that communicating is important to you in the moment. Maintain eye contact.

Focus on what your husband is trying to convey and the feelings he is trying to express. Seek to understand and empathize with him.

Listen quietly and dont just wait until its your turn to talk. Make sure you do more listening than talking. Seek to understand what he is saying.

Be specific, truthful and open about your feelings, beliefs, and emotions. Share about yourself, how you feel, and what is going on inside. Don’t expect your husband to be a mind reader.

Be intentional about spending time together.

Create a safe space for your husband to communicate. Do not be judgmental and don’t interrupt. Above all, never hold what he says against him.

What’s Next…

Take it one day at a time…one conversation at a time. Try to incorporate the tips into your interaction with your husband. Ultimately, just remember practice makes perfect. Every interaction gives you a chance to improve your communication with your husband. Every day is a new opportunity to improve and build your relationship and marriage.

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