Chronicles of a Submissive Wife is the blog of the Humbly i Submit website. We were started in 2016. Our goal is to motivate and encourage marriage and the submission of wives to their husband.

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My name is Kay. I am the creator of Humbly i Submit and Chronicles of a Submissive Wife. I am an author, blogger, entrepreneur, and dog mom. My proudest title to date is submissive wife. I started this movement at the request of my husband and I had no idea where it would take me. Today I am so honored to be where we are.

I want to take this time to say thank you to all the supports of our website, blog, and social media pages. For everyone new to the page and those following for a while I want to introduce myself and let everyone know more about the goals of this page.

First thing I want to do is answer the two questions that I get most. Am I a woman? YES!! I assure you I am a woman. It has been said that this page is run by a man pretending to be a woman. Hilarious, but not true. I am a woman. Next question…Am I married? YES!! These are the Chronicles of a Submissive Wife. So, first and foremost, I am a woman and a wife. I share with other wives my experiences, views, and thoughts on submission.

I was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama. I am the oldest of three girls. After finishing high school, I went to college where I studied Biology and Chemistry. I also attended a local bible college and got an associate degree in biblical studies. After finishing my bachelors degree, I worked for the Department of Agriculture doing research. I went to the University of Alabama and got my master’s degree in Physiology. I absolutely hated being locked in a lab all day doing research so after graduation, I took a job with a well known electronics company where I was a corporate trainer. I liked the business world so I made a change and decided to get my MBA. So I began classes at the University of North Alabama with a concentration in marketing and management. I got my real estate license so I could buy my first home and found out that I really liked it. I busted my butt to become rookie of the year of my company and soon afterwards became the youngest broker in the company history at that time. I started a non profit organization that just celebrated 12 years in business. With all that I have done in life what is most important to me is working everyday to be the wife my husband needs me to be. That’s more important to me than any job, title, degree, plaque or trophy could ever be.

Why did I share all that? Because there is not a mold that submissive wives have to fit in.

It is not true that submissive wives are shallow.

It is not true that submissive wives are not educated.

It is not true that submissive wives cannot think for themselves.

It is not true that submissive wives are brain washed.

It is not true that submissive wives are oppressed.

It is not true that submissive wives have no voice or no choices.

I am a free thinking woman and I CHOOSE to believe in submission. Men are NOT the only believers and advocates for submission. I have heard all the myths and they are simply not true.

Chronicles of a Submissive Wife - About Us
Kay, author of Chronicles of a Submissive Wife

Now on to the exciting stuff…As I said, I am married. I am a couple of months away from my 12th anniversary. We have two super cute precocious little four legged fur babies. We are serial entrepreneurs who love to travel. After over a decade together, there are so many lessons learned and so many experiences to share. My husband is the head of my household, my leader, my guide, my mentor, my teacher, my boss, my CEO, my coach, my whole world, my everything, my all and all. This list goes on and on.

Through it all, the most important thing that I have learned is that submission is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Its not only when you feel like it. Its not only when you agree. Its not only when it makes sense. Its not only when its easy. Its not only when you get your way. Submission is a way of life. Submission is a daily choice. It should permeate every aspect of your life. I try to share what I have learned and experienced through the years.

This page is to share insight on submission from a wive’s point of view. How to submit to your husband. How to live a life of submission without losing who you are. How to be a good follower as your husband leads the family. We are NOT here to change the husbands. We are NOT here to teach the husbands. We are NOT here to dominate the husbands. Submission is about you and your choices. You cannot control what your husband does or says. If you are trying to do so, you are not being submissive. Your husband won’t always do what you want. You won’t always agree with him. You won’t always get your way. Nonetheless, the only person who you can truly control is YOU.

You should be trying to figure out how you can help your husband be the best he can be without trying to control or manipulate him. You should be trying to figure out how you can give more, do more, and say more to get your relationship closer and closer. You should not be playing mind games. You should not be trying to be devious or scheming. You should not be trying to figure out how you can be in charge.

In marriage, we have to see the bigger picture. We have to learn to think about more than ourselves. Your husband needs your submission just as much as you need his leadership. When that happens, the two of you together can create the perfect storm. Together you can conquer the world. Its what makes everything right in the world. Its what makes all the pieces fall into place. Its what gives purpose and belonging. All of a sudden all questions are answered. All i’s are dotted and all t’s are crossed.

You cannot succeed together when you are fighting and struggling against each other. It is very difficult to have a harmonious household when there is a power struggle between the main players that should be working together. I can tell you from experience there is no fulfillment in degrees, jobs, houses, cars, or success if you are not operating in the way you were designed. It will be like trying to use a cactus as a toothbrush. I mean you can do it, but its just not right….and it sure won’t be easy nor enjoyable. Submission is a gift. The more you give the more you get in return. It unlocks the true you. It lets you experience a joy and freedom that would otherwise remain hidden under a facade trying to be what society tells you to be. Submission teaches you so much about yourself. It also teaches humility, respect, honor, sacrifice, and selflessness.

I hope I have shed some light on who I am and the meaning and importance of this page. If anything I have learned can help someone else, I’m happy to share it. If there are any questions I can answer, please feel free to let me know. Again, I appreciate every single one of you!!

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