June 17, 2020

Five Tips for Married Life

Five Tips For Married Life

Submissive Wife Tips for Married Life

One of the things I’m often asked for is tips for married life. In fact, that’s one of the reasons why my husband suggested I start this blog. For a wife, a happy life and marriage are the ultimate goal and a wife will take any help she can to for help in how to do that. What works in one marriage may not necessarily work in the next marriage. However, there are some tips and tricks that can help make the honeymoon last a little longer.

So I came up with a list of five tips that we can implement as wives. As a submissive wife, some of these may be easier than for other wives. After 11 years of marriage, there is one thing I have learned. I have no control over what my husband says or does. I only have control over myself. Generally speaking, there are things that I can do to change a situation. Here are 5 submissive wife tips for increased marriage bliss.

Five Tips for Married Life

Tip 1: Always Put Your Husband First

One thing you can do to advance the success of your marriage is to always put your husband first.  At no time should your husband be an afterthought.  You should consider him always in all situations so that he feels like a priority. The selfless act of putting your husband first lets him know that he is important and appreciated.  A submissive wife has no problem letting her husband know he is a priority and putting him first conveys that message loud and clear.

Tip 2: Keep Your Marriage Private

A wise wife keeps her marriage private between her and her husband.  Resist the urge to tell your personal business to friends and especially not to family.  Let your husband have full trust that you will not betray his trust.  Ultimately, your husband should have the utmost confidence that he has your devotion, loyalty, and can trust you to keep marital secrets at all times.

Tip 3: Don’t Try To Change Your Husband

Never try to change your husband.  It is not your job to try to change or “improve” him.  He is the man you chose to marry.  Let him be himself.  Do not try to make him into what you this he should be.  He is not prefect but neither are you.  How would you feel if the person closest to you is always trying to turn you into someone else?

Tip 4: Be Quick To Apologize

Say you’re sorry and mean it!  Don’t hesitate and don’t overthink it.  Being able to apologize is a sign of maturity and humility.  Don’t let pride allow an issue to become greater than it needs to be.  Many arguments get out of hand simply because no one squashed it quickly.  Additionally, ask yourself can I be the person willing to surrender for the greater good of the marriage?  An apology does not have to say I’m wrong or I did something wrong.  It can simply be the white flag that says I’m sorry we are in this place so let’s end this and move on.

Tip 5: Tell Him You Love Him Often

Your husband should NEVER have to guess how you feel about him.  Whenever you can, tell him you love him often and mean it!  Don’t just say it when you want something or when you want him to say it back.  Additionally, if you’re upset or sad, let him know and let him know WHY.  Don’t let him have to guess why you’re upset or think its him when it may have nothing to do with him.  Let him feel loved and honored by his wife without a question.

Marriage is not a one size fits all but there are some things that you can do to help it run smoothly.  So, if applied daily, these tips for married life can help to stop some minor things that can later become big things.  For the most part, an easy way to start implementing them is to remember to always act and speak with love, patience, and humility.  Overall, these marriage tips are all simple and you can start them TODAY.

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