June 9, 2020

What is a Submissive Wife?

What Is a Submissive Wife

What is a Submissive Wife

I am proud to be a submissive wife. Even though the term has gotten a bad rap, being a submissive wife is not negative nor oppressive. It’s not about abuse or mistreatment but about acceptance. Acceptance of the fact that your husband is the leader and head of your family and you are his helper.

Being a submissive wife is a VOLUNTARY role. It is not about weakness but about strength and confidence. A submissive wife seeks to serve her husband in a spirit of respect as he operates in his role as the head of household. I have found that many women do not want to accept this because women tend to think men should always cater to them and help them but it is not so.

From the Beginning…

Women have a natural desire to be in the man’s position that dates all the way back to the Garden of Eden but it is his role to be the head. So, as women, we will always be tempted to try to take the lead, try to be the boss, and try to make man our helper. However, the reality is men are natural leaders and we are natural helpers. We must learn to act in a manner of respect and deference to his authority. To make sure this is in perspective, we are speaking of husbands and wives. Not just any male and female relationship or interaction.

Being a Submissive Wife is NOT a Bad Thing

As submissive wives, we have to change the way we think. We are servants. Again, not in a negative way but our role is to serve our husbands. It’s no different than a police officer being called a public SERVANT. Does that mean that they bow down to us and we mistreat and abuse them? No, it simply means they work for the benefit of others.

Think of it another way. Is a nurse or a medical assistant any less valuable than a doctor? No, they simply have different roles and they work together to serve the needs of the patients. Each one working in their role is what makes the medical team succeed. You need to accept that your husband is in the main character and you are in a supporting role. Your role is to do what you can to make his life easier so he can be the best leader he can be.

What does being a submissive wife entail?

It depends on what your husband needs but for the most part it means step back and let him lead. Be humble. Don’t be difficult or disagreeable. Be a teammate and not an opponent. You are on the same team and the success of the team should be the main goal. Never question your husband’s leadership. Don’t try to tell him what to do or change him. Make sure you don’t try to control him, manipulate him, or “teach him”.

You can say things like “Is there anything I can do to help you?” or “Tell me how I can be of assistance.” Conversely, you can also anticipate his needs if you see an area where you can help him. Take initiative and don’t always wait to be asked. Trust him and his leadership. Be his biggest supporter and cheerleader.

Chronicles of a Submissive Wife was born out of my desire to help teach wives about the simple principles of submission in marriage. As a result, I have found those lessons start with just understand what it means to be a submissive wife. Embrace your role and seek to be the best helper to your husband that you can be. Once you accept your role and start to embrace it, you will see how your marital relationship will blossom and soar beautifully.

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